Informative, educational and practical workshops about supervision

These workshops are designated for managers of organizations, human resource management specialists as well as for employees (teams).

Benefits: understanding of the use of supervision, types of supervision, procedure and conditions for organizing supervision.

Training workshop for learning - the intervision (covision) methods

The workshop is designated to help a team willing to take advantage of mutual support and exchange of experience to increase the professional and individual efficiency and to resolve complex situations at work. Intervisionis a special type of supervision that helps a team to systematically and efficiently find new solutions and develop itself.

Benefits: the team has mastered the process and methods of intervision making it possible for further intervisions without a supervisor.

Individual, group, team and organization supervisions

Our supervisors are ready to help managers, employees and teams to deal with complex issues at work, to succeed in personal and professional growth and development, to improve the work efficiency and service quality in the organization.