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2. Discover Riga

3. Discover Latvia

4. Short list of suggestions for getting around Riga and some ideas for the hotels

Main venue - National Library of Latvia

How to get to the main venue? 

Address: Mūkusalas iela 3, Riga, LV-1423, Latvia

Public transport (stop - 'Nacionala biblioteka'):

  • Bus: 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 32, 39, 43, 54, 55
  • Minibus: 238, 242, 244, 246, 263, 270, 271
  • Tram: 1, 2, 5, 10
  • Trolleybus: 9, 27

Cars can be parked at NLL parking space (Mūkusalas iela 5).

About main venue

The National Library of Latvia is a state cultural institution of national importance, under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture.

NLL mission: Maintaining the significance of the Library in a changing world.

NLL values:
Openness – The Library shall be accessible to everyone. Everyone is welcome in the on-site or virtual environment.
Competence – our knowledge is the foundation for growth.
Integrity – our work and professional relationships shall be based on a respectful and trustworthy attitude.

NLL vision: The NLL shall have a presence in the education of people of all ages, shall firmly embed itself in the academic environment and provide an inspiring cultural experience, assisting in the development of a smart, capable and skilled society.

The attainment of the NLL's intentions is based on five pillars:

  1. The Library collection in the digital age
  2. The Library as an environment open to growth
  3. The Library collection as a unique and irreplaceable research resource and research into it
  4. Creating a cultural experience in the Library
  5. Driver of library-sector development

Discover Riga

Riga [Latvian: Rīga], city and capital of Latvia


Suggestions below.

More accomodation options (vouched for by Investment and Development Agency of Latvia): hotels, SPA hotels, guest houses, hostels. 

Discover Latvia

While considerably small in size, Latvia is surprisingly rich in places to see, feel and save in mind forever! 

Check out these amazing, but true facts about surreal Latvia

Short list of suggestions for getting around Riga and some ideas for the hotels

Dear colleagues
We have prepared a short list of suggestions for getting around Riga and some ideas for the hotels.

Getting from and to the airport                      

Riga International Airport is located approximately 10 km from the city centre. Upon your arrival, you have two choices for getting to the city centre:

Choice 1 - 15- 20 minutes taxi drive, which will cost you around EUR 22- 25.
Taxi is located just outside arrivals terminal.

Choice 2 - Getting to Riga city centre by public transport, bus NO 22.

The bus stop is located 300 metres from the Arrivals Terminal, behind the car park. Follow the Public Transport signs and you will see it.
Bus tickets can be purchased: a) at the Airport's Information Office (Arrivals Hall E), b) “Narvesen” kiosks (on the 1st and 2nd floor) and c) ticket vending machine at the bus stop. More information on public transport ticket prices and routes in Riga:

Getting around Riga

As Riga city centre is not very large, depending on what suits you best, you can walk, take a Bolt taxi (here we use Bolt instead of Uber and we suggest making Bolt account prior to arrival, so that you can easily call for a taxi and get around), or a public transport: trams, trolley-busies and busies.
National Library is located opposite the Old Town, across river Daugava, and is quite easily reachable by foot, crossing the bridge from the Old Town, or by public transport. We suggest using https://www.google.com/maps for orientating yourselves around the city. Before choosing a hotel, why not have a look, how far is your desirable area and hotel from the Library.

Hotels and areas to stay

Riga has a vast amount of hotels. Should you wish to stay at the hotel, booking.com will give you the widest range of possibilities. Alternatively, if you wish to stay in an apartment, Airbnb will be the best option.

There are two areas in Riga that we would recommend to look for hotels for this venue. Each area has its advantages and disadvantages for staying. First is the Old Town and the other: Quiet centre, stretching from Art Nouveau district to Central park near Opera.

1. Old Town (called “Vecrīga” in Latvian language). Advantages: reasonably easy to walk to the Library across the bridge or catch a public transport for one stop. Old Town has many hotels. It is very pretty and cosy, with cobblestone streets of the charming historic centre. You also will have plenty of restaurants, bars and cafes within walking distance, which is always nice.  Disadvantage: some on the hotels might be located in area near to summer terraces, which can be noisy for sleeping. How to know which is noisy and which is not?

Have a look at reviews on booking.com. Selections of hotels that we have listed below should be reasonable quiet.

2. Quiet centre and park area: beautiful architecture, variety of good restaurants, shops, beautiful parks and canal area to walk through. Disadvantage – it will take you a bit longer to get to the venue.

Some of the hotels in Old Town that we suggest:

  • Neiburgs Hotel
  • Hilton Garden Inn Riga Old Town
  • Hotel Gutenbergs
  • Wellton Riverside SPA Hotel
  • Rixwell Konventa Seta Design Hotel

Quiet centre and Centre near the Park circle:

  • AC Hotel by Marriott Riga
  • Radisson Blu Elizabete Hotel Riga
  • Radisson Blu Ridzene Hotel Riga

Google is a great source for information, travel blogs and articles for “things to do in Riga”, according to you taste and needs.

Should you need a help, please write to riga.anseuni2021@gmail.com.

We are very excited to host this ANSE Summer University in our hometown! Looking forward to seeing you here!

Riga team of Organisers